Movida Hair and Beauty use a large range of professional products including Tigi Bed Head, Tigi Catwalk, Rockaholic by Tigi, Matrix, Jessica Nail Care and Tan Truth Spray Tan.

All the staff at Movida will be happy to help you decide which product works best for you. For sure there will be one or more products to suit your hair type and we guarantee you will never want to leave the salon without them!

Tigi Bed Head

Style Shots Epic Volume shampoo  (200ml) £12.50   Dumb Blonde shampoo (200ml)  £12.50
Style Shots Epic Volume conditioner (250ml) £12.95   Dumb Blonde conditiner (250ml) £12.95
Urban Antidotes ressurection shampoo(200ml) £12.50   Colour Goddess shampoo (200ml) £12.50
Urban Antidotes Ressurection conditioner (250ml) £12.95   Colour Goddess conditioner (250ml) £12.95
Recharge shampoo (200ml) £12.50   Dumb Blonde leave in conditioner(200ml) £13.50
Recharge conditioner (250ml) £12.95   Foxy Curls Conditioner (250ml) £12.95
Style shots hi - def curls shampoo (250ml) £12.50   Foxy Curls Shampoo (200ml) £12.50
Style Shots hi -def conditioner (200ml) £12.95   Small Talk (200ml) £16.50
Sugar Dust £11.50   Minipulator £12.95

Tigi catwalk

Sleek Mystique iron spray heat protector (200ml) £16.50   Volume root boost spray £15.50
Sleek Mystique hairspray £13.50   Volume shine £11.95
Sleek blow out balm £13.50   Volume hairspray £15.50
Sleek shampoo/conditioner
£11.95   Volume thickening £11.95

Tigi Rockaholic

Livin' the dream shampoo (250ml) £12.50   Rock out shine blaster  (100ml) £12.95
Livin' the dream conditioner (200ml) £12.95   Fun times hair spray   (400ml) £12.95
Dirty secret dry shampoo (300ml) £13.50   Rocktastic hardcore spray gel (250ml) £12.95
Born to rock detangler & defrizzer (200ml) £11.95   Love the Planet &
Mens Clean up
Maxxed-Out Massive hold Spray £13.50   Texturising Spray Gel (250ml) £11.95


Shampoo £6.99   Styling products £8.50
Conditioner £7.99   Oil Shampoo or Conditioner £9.99
Oil £9.99   Barber wax £8.95


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