Spray Tans

Movida now use a new tanning product called Tan Truth.

Tan Truth provides a luxuriously deep tan, giving you a bronzed sun kissed look all year round. It contains extracts of satin silk to leave skin glossy and smooth during tanning.

Tan Truth contains avocado to moisturise and regenerate with vitamin E within the avocado, both working as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Tan Truth also contains shea butter to help smooth the skin; while most tanning products have a strong chemical fragrance, Tan Truth contains a signature “luscious” fragrance.

Preparation for your Tan Truth spray tan:

• Exfoliate the night before or early morning of the appointment
• Moisturise after your self exfoliation
• Shave legs, underarms and bikini
• Wear baggy clothing
• Wear hair up
• Refrain from wearing strappy tops straight after your spray tan
• Do not wear deodorant or perfumes before application of your tan

Aftercare for your tan:

• Do not wash until the next morning
• Do not apply deodorant or perfumes within the first five hours
• Moisturise to maintain your tan

Your tan will last 7 to 10 days. Tan may go on clothing and bed sheets but this will not stain.



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