Make your eyes your best feature!

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are our NEWEST TREATMENT.

Our beautician and eyelash technician Emma will revitalise your eyes with our amazing semi-permanent eyelashes! Whether you want your eyelashes fuller, longer or just want a different style to your eyes this is the treatment for you!

The treatment is carried out in our tranquil beauty room. Just lie back and listen to relaxing music whilst you have your eyelashes applied!

The best thing of all about out revolutionary eyelash extensions is that they are one on one eyelashes, making them look dramatic, natural and sexy all at once - and they can last up to 3 months!

We would ask you to come into the salon with no eye make-up on as the oil and residue will affect your application.

Prolong the life of your eyelashes by getting them topped up. You should top up your lashes every 2 to 3 weeks for best results.

Our prices for the eyelash extensions:

Midi set £55.00
Full set £80.00
Eyelash infills £18.00

LVL Lashes @ Movida 

LVL stands for lift, volume and length, a firm favourite among celebrities and makeup artists alike, who swear by its high impact results (think Michelle Keegan and Lisa Eldridge) an LVL treatment boosts your natural lashes without the need for extensions.

So how does LVL work?  It usually takes 45 minutes and lasts for about 6 weeks your lashes will be gently curled over a curved pad and coated in a lifting balm for 10 minutes. This is closely followed by a volume-boosting fix and finally a colour tint.  You will be amazed at how striking your own lashes can look once they’ve had the LVL treatment!

Possibly the best thing about LVL is that you wake up every morning with killer lashes and wide awake eyes (thanks to lifting effect). Mascara only amplifies the effects of LVL but to be honest, you really won’t feel the need. It’s THAT good. If you’ve got a holiday coming up then now is the ideal time to give it a go and wave goodbye to waterproof mascara for good.

Best of all we have this new treatment on offer at MOVIDA for only £35 call 0191 2848165 to book in. 

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